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Hi, I'm Jannette La Sota also known as The Fitness Detective® and the leading expert in Fitness Investigations which is how I help clients lead  healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives .

As a fitness investigator I have delivered over 12000 hours of coaching to help clients just like you go from dreaming about what their idea of a FIT life is, to actually living it.

Drawing on my 25+ years of investigative experience I work for you to uncover clues and show you how to build a solid foundation of exercise, eating right, and specific lifestyle and financial habits so you can reach your goals.

When I am not conducting research or working with clients I love to travel, read, and spend time with family and friends.

If you are ready to stop dreaming and start living YOUR ideal FIT life please connect with me by clicking the Join The Force button below:
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Build Foundation, Invest In Yourself, Train Consistently
~ Jannette La Sota ~
Chapter 1: FIRST
At The Fitness Detective® we understand that SUCCESS starts with setting your mind on the RIGHT things to get you to your goal NOW.  After all, what you focus your mind on is what you attract into your life.

 A great way to make sure you focus on the right things is to establish a code of conduct or core values to guide you and your decisions. 

Our core values are FIRST. You are welcome to adopt them as your own:
    FUN- take your goals seriously yet have fun while doing so.
    INTEGRITY- sticking to what you believe in boosts confidence.
    RESPECT- respect for the process makes it easier to take action.
    SUPPORT- keep company with like-minded people for greater results.
    THINK- commit to constant and never-ending improvement.
Chapter 2: FIT
What is a FIT life?

A FIT life is both a mindset and the level of overall physical fitness which makes you healthy and able to perform well in daily activities.

Follow this template to be FIT for the life you want to live:
FOUNDATION - build the right exercise, eating, and lifestyle habits for the life you want to live.
INVEST- in yourself and commit to putting in the time, energy, and resources to live the life you want.
TRAIN - consistently and align your thoughts with your goals to support your foundation, investment, and actions.
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